"Regata has taken me from the old world of agents to the new one, one in which digital is key."

Isabelle Chabrier

SAFTI agent since 2013

Regata customer since 2022

25 sales a year on average

Isabelle, a passionate real estate agent

Isabelle is a SAFTI real estate advisor in Durtal, a small town of 3,500 inhabitants in the Maine-et-Loire region. Established in Durtal in 1998, she has been in the real estate business for over 10 years. Even in a rural area, Isabelle maintains a very good level of activity, and above all, she has fun every day, as she explains:

"What I really value is direct contact with people. I often spend two hours in meetings when I could do it in three quarters of an hour - but at least people know how I work, they know who I am.

I don't think in terms of mandates. What's more important is what I can really offer my customers. How I can provide them with relevant advice and effective support. Of course, mandates are necessary for the legal framework, but they are incidental in my eyes compared to the quality of the service."

Stabilize to get your business off the ground

"My first few years weren't easy. I was working two or even three jobs, in the countryside, with teenagers to look after...

I hung in there to stabilize my business, and thanks to Regata, with whom I've been working for nearly two years now, I've turned a corner. In just 12 months of working with Regata, I've won 7 mandates via Google, all of which resulted in sales.

People regularly call me after seeing my Google listing when they type in "Durtal real estate agent". They already know who I am, they've already read my reviews and they've seen my properties for sale. This creates trust even before our first exchanges."

For example, a few months ago, I received a message directly on my Google page from someone I didn't know, who immediately wanted to entrust me with the sale of her longère in Durtal. The sale was completed in just a few days.

Isabelle Chabrier

SAFTI agent since 2013

Everyday support

"When I discovered Regata, I thought: Wow, they're going to do all this for me! In fact, to be visible online, it's a lot of hard work. You have to write things regularly. You have to renew yourself, you have to be relevant. In the text, you have to use the right keywords for referencing, and so on. And while I can be creative and imaginative, when it comes to that sort of thing, I'm really bad at it. So to be able to delegate that to someone, it's a huge weight off my mind.

Another great thing about Regata is their support and responsiveness. Whenever I have a question or a problem, there's always someone on the team on hand to help me out. And often, they even go beyond what's expected of them!"

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