"Regata is the privileged partner that has helped me achieve outstanding results."

Eric Rapp

Best real estate agent in France 2022

Eric Rapp, a reference in the real estate world

Regata customer since 2021

830,000€ sales in 2022

Eric Rapp, a reference in the real estate world

Eric Rapp, 49, has been a real estate consultant in Saint Raphaël for over 13 years. Today, he explains how he became France's top real estate agent, and the importance of Regata in his success.

"When I joined SAFTI 5 years ago, I finished the first year as Best Hopeful with 245,000 euros in sales. But over the last few years, I've put a few things in place, which have enabled me to reach an even more exceptional level of sales. Particularly in 2022, when I was lucky enough to finish 1st in the SAFTI network nationwide with sales of €830,000. That's a pretty exceptional figure, which no other agent in any network had managed to achieve before.

You need a number of elements to be able to perform at this level, and I think one of the most important is visibility on the Internet..."

Increased visibility for concrete results

"Before working with Regata, my online presence was almost non-existent, limited essentially to real estate ads published on platforms like LeBonCoin or SeLoger. But that wasn't enough. Because, above all, customers are looking for direct, personal interaction with a trusted real estate agent or advisor.

Today, I get a lot more requests from Google. One in three requests for estimates comes from Google, and that's something that didn't happen before. For example, someone called me recently to say: Monsieur Rapp, I found you on Google, I need an estimate for a plot of land just 200 metres from the sea. So I got to know this person thanks to my Google listing."

In the ultra-competitive Fréjus / Saint Raphael area, where there are more than 500 real estate professionals, I'm now a key reference.

Eric Rapp

Best real estate agent in France 2022

Delegate to a trusted partner

"As soon as you start making a decent living from real estate, and if you still want to increase your sales, you have to learn to delegate. I tried to manage my Google My Business listing myself, but it took up too much of my time, time I'd rather spend in the field supporting my customers or training my teams.

Delegating was a challenge, because I only trust the pros who really add value to my daily life. In this respect, Regata has been essential to my success. It's quite exceptional the visibility I've managed to achieve over the last few months thanks to their support. That's why I chose them, because I think it's quite simply the tool best suited to the specific needs of the real estate agent's profession.

So, if you've already made a few sales and are looking to boost your results while staying focused on your core business, frankly, don't hesitate to contact them!"

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